How long is the rental for?
3 hours
What if I’m late returning?
You’ll be charged $10 / hr extra.
What if I can’t remember my code?
Your code was also sent to you in an email. You can also get your codes by clicking return items on the website or you can call the helpline 0210307231. You can always write your code on your hand too.
My lock won’t open.
Double check you have the correct locker and have entered the correct code. Some padlocks require you to push the lock inwards to spring it open.
Can I just rent a wetsuit?
Sorry wetsuits only is not an option.
Where do I find the Surf Locker?
We have several locations, see here for directions.
How do I make an order?
Instructions are found here.
What if I broke a fin?
There’s a $30 charge to replace a fin.